Resort Summer Food Trends

When going on vacation, food is an essential part of the experience. Most travelers do their best to get an idea of what’s on the menu where they are staying. However, due to the many challenges brought about by the past few years, many resorts are updating aspects of their foodservice to better meet summer food trends and create the ultimate guest experience.

This has led to a demand for individually packaged or fresh, made-to-order meals from resort kitchens. Additionally, many travelers now gravitate toward outdoor dining options and to wanting more healthy authentic food experiences. And streamlined menus have become a necessity as staffing shortages continue. These straightforward menus allow hotels to decrease their wait times, minimize food waste, and create high-quality dishes.

As summer tourism ramps up and new food trends are on the rise, there are certain staples you can expect to see on resort menus across the country!

What’s On The Menu?

It’s no secret that in the summer, most vacationers are drawn to the beach. But even when not having a summer vacation by the ocean, fresh seafood is a popular menu choiice. This has led many resorts and restaurants in areas with high tourism to adopt menus with multiple seafood options. Not only has there been a rise in seafood popularity in vacation hotspots, but in 2021, seafood sales were up by 26 percent in May and rose to 60 percent by June.  Following the exploding popularity of seafood has been the reinvention of classic dishes like tacos, including new, trendy ingredients, such as fried seafood.

For instance, traditional seafood dishes, including po’boy sandwiches and coconut shrimp, have stepped back into the spotlight with modern twists. Made with fried shrimp, fish, and crab cakes, po’boy sandwiches are a classic seafood dish. Slaws, fresh vegetables, and tabasco help bring a unique flavor to this Louisiana staple. Fish tacos incorporate beer-battered fish and by including additions like salsa and avocado, diners get a trendy twist.  Easy to dress up yet still delicious on their own, popcorn shrimp and coconut shrimp work excellently as seafood appetizers. Of course, not everyone is a fan of seafood, so, destinations also need to include fried menu options such as chicken fingers and fries for children and picky eaters.

With fried seafood in such high demand, restaurants may be struggling to get their fryers ready to meet the demand!

Pitco Fryers & Oil Filtrations Can Help Expand Your Menu and Pockets

While new seafood dishes may be on the top of restaurants’ lists for menu additions, growing costs could be getting in the way of incorporating these foods. Due to supply chain issues from complications of the pandemic, oil prices are fluctuating more than ever. In fact, the price of vegetable oil has risen by 23%. To combat these rising costs, resorts and restaurants in major tourist areas must begin adopting practices that conserve their oil. Pitco offers a wide array of fryers and oil filtration systems that can aid in oil conservation and help restaurants put their money towards menu expansion instead of oil.

With seafood trends on the rise, don’t let skyrocketing oil prices hold your resort back! Instead, invest in a quality oil filtration system to save money and provide guests with the ultimate dining experience.

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