The Rising Trend Of Chicken Wings

One of the food trends that came out from the current pandemic is an increased love of chicken. This demand, as well as some farm closures during COVID-19, has made it harder for chicken farmers to keep up due to requests for specific cuts, especially wings. If you’ve been able to source the coveted drum or flat, this is the perfect time to use Pitco’s line of Solstice Fryers, but we’ll circle back to those in a bit.

Chicken Trends Creating Shortages 

The demand for chicken is soaring. The National Chicken Council (NCC) found that 75% of Americans have been cooking chicken at least once a week since the COVID-19 pandemic began. The NCC found that people are preparing chicken more because it’s simple to prepare and a great way to consume protein. The chicken trend isn’t limited to home consumption. US Foods found that chicken wings in all categories are in record-high demand. The upcoming Big Game is one reason, but restaurants and bars in some areas of the country are also starting to reopen at various capacity levels.

The easiest way to be on top of this food trend – make sure you’re offering fried chicken wings on your menu. The easiest way to prepare chicken wings is with a Solstice Fryer. Available in gas and electric versions, Solstice Fryers make your kitchen run more efficiently and provide customers with their fried chicken wings quicker and evenly cooked.

Challenges With Rising Chicken Costs

With the rising trend in chicken wing consumption comes rising chicken prices. US Foods reports that all wing sizes have increased costs and they anticipate these prices to stay consistent or continue to grow. Since the demand for fresh and frozen wings is up, the prices are now at a premium. Increased cost for foodservice establishments is challenging, especially during current times. Solstice Fryers can help you possibly recoup those additional costs. With heating elements inside the tank, easy to clean lift mechanisms, and, on Solstice Gas Fryers, self-cleaning burners, you’ll save on kitchen labor expenses while allowing your staff to work safer. Solstice Fryers also use less oil, which equals less oil expense.

Solstice Fryers For The Win

With the increase in requests and costs for chicken wings, make sure that your food budget isn’t going to waste – prepare them in a Solstice Fryer for perfect wings every time! Solstice Fryers are quality built to produce consistent food every time and help your business run better.

Pick out the best Solstice or Solstice Supreme fryer for your wings in our next blog.


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