Safe Fry: The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Fryer Safety


Commercial fryers are among the most commonly used tools in a commercial kitchen. While they are efficient and versatile, they can also be dangerous, particularly if they are not used properly. It is important for everyone to prioritize safety when working with commercial fryers, and there are several essential tips that everyone should keep in mind.

Prioritizing Employee Safety: The Vital Role of Protection in the Commercial Kitchen

Even though commercial kitchens turn out countless orders on a given day, it is important not to overlook the importance of safety. Commercial kitchens must follow the necessary safety guidelines to ensure safe frying in restaurants.

Prioritizing staff protection in the commercial kitchen is important because it ensures productivity. If staff members get hurt, it will be difficult for commercial kitchens to keep up with the demand, and patrons will be disappointed.

Furthermore, in the middle of a labor shortage, commercial kitchens must do everything they can to protect their employees. If employees feel like the management team is not doing enough to protect them in the kitchen, they will be more inclined to go somewhere else.

There are also important safety regulations that commercial kitchens need to follow. If they do not follow these regulations, and one of their employees gets hurt, it could invite an in-depth investigation that might result in fines and sanctions. For all of these reasons, staff safety has to be a priority and a commercial kitchen.

Ensure Your Commercial Kitchen is in Compliance With Food Safety Regulations

Commercial fryers are among the most important appliances in the kitchen, but safety must come first. For example, everyone who works with a commercial fryer has to wear appropriate protective gear, which could include slip-resistant shoes and goggles. Splash injuries from commercial fryers are common and can lead to serious medical complications.

Employees must be adequately trained before using a commercial fryer. Remember that every model is different, so even if someone has worked with one specific commercial fryer in the past, it is still critical to put them through additional safety training. For example, employees need to be trained to monitor the temperature of the commercial fryer to ensure it is within a safe range and they should not crowd the fryer, as this increases the chances of splattering oil.

The oil has to be stored properly to reduce the chances of severe burn injuries, and the area around the fryer has to be kept clear to avoid slips, trips, and falls. Finally, do not forget to remind employees that they need to properly drain the fryer to keep it in good working order. Proper maintenance is critical for reducing the chances of someone getting hurt.

Staying Safe With Pitco Fryers

While there are essential safety tips that everyone has to follow when working with a commercial fryer, there are some fryers, such as Pitco fryers, that come with additional safety features that can be helpful. For example, thermostatic controls make it easier to keep the fryer at the right temperature, and fry basket lifts make it easier to multitask when using the fryer without increasing the risk of someone getting hurt.

There are also drain systems that increase efficiency and reduce the chances of a clog or burn, and by eliminating the cool zone found at the bottom of most fryers, Pitco fryers help users save oil.

Finally, with an automatic shut-off feature, Pitco fryers reduce the chances of someone getting hurt while also conserving energy. For all these reasons, Pitco fryers have become some of the most trusted commercial fryers in the industry today.

Get more information on safe frying by scheduling a free fryer consultation with the experts at Pitco.

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