Saving with Solstice & Solstice Supreme Fryers

Capital with foodservice has always had an ebb and flow but with the hardships from 2020, many restaurants are feeling the pressure more than ever. Luckily a few relief packages and possibilities have been raised but have you put together a strategy to stay afloat?

Foodservice Equipment Beyond the Price Tag

Especially when funds are tight we all look for a good bargain, a way to solve for our needs all while keeping as much money in the bank as possible. When it comes to shopping for equipment for your commercial foodservice kitchen, do you even look past the “cheapest one you got” or the “economy” lines? If you don’t, you are actually missing out on keeping that money in your pocket after that day of sale.

Every appliance, in home or in business, comes with the added costs of what it takes to run that unit. Do your research and find out which pieces of equipment can not only get you immediate rebates, but which pieces of equipment can lower your monthly bills.

The Real Cost of Fryers

Looking into energy costs is essential to understanding what the long term implications could be if you opt for one model over the other. The above graphic is a perfect example of how much money you are missing out on if you don’t look past the lowest price tag. The model on the right is part of Pitco’s Economy Fryer line and is one of the most popular models out there in the market. But if you do a true comparison of the economy fryer next to a Solstice Supreme gas fryer you end up paying so much more for that economy fryer that you didn’t realize you were signing up for. Not only can you save more on your bill but you can produce more profitable fried food!

Not only do you have to look at the savings you’ll see from one bill to the next with energy savings, take a look at the warranties and lifetime expectancies of the fryers. While all fryers require regular care and maintenance, investing in a fryer that is known to last, one you won’t have to replace after a few years, that even comes with a self-cleaning burner to reduce those maintenance bills will always be a smarter choice.

Discover Payment Options

Still comparing price tag to price tag and not convinced? Let’s reframe the way you look at those costs for a minute. Instead of thinking of how much can I spare from my bank account right now, think of how much you can spare on a month to month basis. With financing options, feel a lot more at ease looking past the bargain options. Don’t limit your possibilities, explore how much you can save with the fryer that fits your kitchen and business needs, not your daily balance.

Let our sales team show you a custom fryer side by side comparison to see how much you can save with the right fryer!

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