Six Things You Should Deep Fry This Fall

In terms of food, fall is one of our favorite times of year. The abundance of autumn produce, changes in weather, and holidays that are centered around food make seasonality a culinary sensation with the month of October hits.

Here at Pitco, we’re also obviously interested in the types of foods you can fry. Yes, you can fry just about anything, but what are the things we most look forward to dropping into a vat of hot oil this time a year? Let’s walk through five of our favorite fall foods — that should be fried.


3D Halloween pumpkin isolated over a white background

Fried pumpkin is one of the most flavorful and diverse of all the fall fried foods. When cut into chunks, it can be fried and salted similar to home fries while retaining a sweeter profile more similar to sweet potatoes. For this reason, it can play a large role no matter what meal your preparing — as a side with morning omelettes, as a savory appetizer, or even as a fried dessert. Just think about how good fried pumpkin shaken in a bowl of brown sugar and cinnamon topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream would be!


Fried Pickles-1Some of us have been harvesting and canning vegetables for the last few months. It’s part of the gardening and growing season after all. But what do you do with all those pickled products once they’ve all been jarred? One suggestion is to fry them. We all know about fried pickles, but have you ever considered frying pickled green beans or pickled peppers? We have, and we can tell you with all certainty that they’re delicious.


ChefCarlCauliTotsFall is football season. Football season means wings. But what about wing alternatives? Battered and breaded cauliflower can be a great vessel for an amazing buffalo sauce, and we highly recommend this fried vegetable as a great replacement for wings. Don’t forget to serve it with hunks of creamy blue cheese for the full effect. Or try to make your own cheesy cauliflower tots with this video from Chef Carl!


Speaking of football, this one makes the list solely because of its tie-in with the Texas State Fair. Whether you’re a fan of the state of Texas, fairs, or football doesn’t make a difference. Every year, when the University of Texas takes on the University of Oklahoma in the Red River Rivalry, the massive Texas State Fair takes place just outside the stadium, and on the fair grounds, one of the famous delicacies is the deep fried Twinkie. Need we say more?


close up of an apple on white background with clipping pathWe almost forgot about this one. Honestly. But how can you talk about foods to fry in fall without talking about apples?! As a kid, you might remember your dad grabbing the bag from your favorite fast food drive-thru, pulling out into the street, and opening that bag at the next red light. What was inside that smelled so good? A fried apple turnover. Whether you fry your apples this way or just slice them up a drop them in oil for a gentler fry, apples are one of our top choices for fall foods you should fry.


We can’t compile a shortlist of famous foods to fry in fall without the ubiquitous Thanksgiving Day turkey. Yes, there are many who fell this is sacrilege, but there’s another camp who will stake claim to the fried turkey as being the most tender, moist type of turkey possible. We tend to agree with them, but we also urge you to try deep fried turkey for yourself if you haven’t already. Just please do so safely!!!

These fall foods not your thing? Why don’t you take a few seconds to tell us what is! We don’t want to serve up anything you’re not interested in reading…

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