The State Of The USA’s Favorite Fried Foods

Uncertainty in the world, such as that brought about by the pandemic, has inspired people to seek comfort and familiarity in their lives. Fried food will do the trick! These comfort foods often remind people of simpler times, and with many fried foods having ties to particular regions, they often make people think of home.

Fried Foods Continue to Grow In Popularity

Even with the ever-growing trend toward healthy food options, fried food is more in demand than ever. Chicken sandwiches, in particular are seeing a massive boom in popularity on menus across the country.

Aware of the mounting demand for comfort foods, many quick-service restaurants have competed with each other in recent years to offer the most appealing experience to diners. There’s been an increase in new menu items, special sauce options, promises to donate money, and competitive social media advertising campaigns.

In addition to the fond memories people have attached to certain dishes, fried food just tastes good! A satisfying comfort meal may not be what the nutritionist recommended, but it sure can be good for the soul. It seems pretty likely that comfort foods are here to stay!

America’s Favorite Fried Foods By State

Fried food is loved across all 50 states, and each region has its own specialties. These are a few dishes that capture Americans’ hearts, souls, and stomachs.

Fried green tomatoes – Alabama

After the book and movie sharing the name of this popular dish were released in the late 80s and early 90s, the whole country caught a taste for fried green tomatoes. This comfort food originating from Alabama involves simply frying green, unripe tomatoes in a cornmeal coating.

Chimichanga – Arizona

Everything tastes better fried, and burritos are no exception! Originally part of Mexico, Arizona is home to many delicious Mexican restaurants. And while delicious even without undergoing the fryer, Arizona, like the rest of the country, loves chimichangas!

Rocky Mountain Oysters – Colorado

Being landlocked, Colorado isn’t really known for its seafood. But then, Rocky Mountain oysters do not contain any, er, oysters. Nope, this longstanding dish is, in fact made from fried bull testicles. They may not be for everyone, but Rocky Mountain oysters are a Colorado specialty!

Alligator Bites – Florida

Florida is known for its ‘gators. And with their enormous, toothy jaws, these carnivores have been known to take the occasional bite out of a human or two. So Floridians bit back! Alligator meat isn’t a staple statewide, but it’s pretty delicious and even better fried.

Toasted Ravioli  – St. Louis, MO

Don’t be fooled by the name. This popular dish is not at all “toasted!” Toasted ravioli is deep-fried and served with a dipping sauce such as marinara.

Fried Cheese Curds – Wisconsin

Wisconsin is known as the dairy state. So you know they don’t take their cheese for granted! A shared statewide appetizer is deep-fried cheese curds. They are often ordered with the locally-brewed Spotted Cow beer.

Fry Any Food, No Matter The State You’re In

Everyone can appreciate fried comfort food now and then, no matter the locale. Whether it’s the hot new chicken sandwich to enter the arena or some good old-fashioned fries, Pitco’s Solstice fryers and their new Smart Features are the perfect solutions for any fried food menu item.

Restaurants and foodservice operations have a lot going on in the kitchen already. Pitco produces intelligent fryers that automate laborious tasks. With the built-in filtration system that comes standard in Solstice Fryers, staff doesn’t need to waste time refreshing oil. The automatic oil disposal system also protects them from burns and spills. And Pitco’s fryers operate with a smart oil sensor that can tell when the oil needs to be replaced without interrupting the flow of a busy commercial kitchen.

Make your state’s favorite fried foods even better – schedule a culinary consultation to find out how.

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