The Current State of Electrification

Restaurant owners and operators have been very comfortable using gas equipment for a long time. Gas equipment is powerful, efficient, and proven, but gas is starting to fall out of favor in the foodservice world as electric cooking equipment becomes more popular.

In large part, gas equipment is being replaced by electric equipment because of natural gas bans, and many states have banned natural gas hookups for all new construction. This could mean a lot of changes for the restaurant industry. States such as Washington, Oregon, California, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island have put bans into place on new buildings with natural gas hookups. This includes commercial restaurants, which would otherwise depend on gas hookups for their equipment. That is why many restaurants are looking at electric equipment, including electric fryers.

The Cost of Electricity

The state of electrification in foodservice is complicated. It is important to understand that switching from gas to electricity can improve the environment, but there are some hurdles to overcome. For example, one of the main hurdles that restaurant owners will have to overcome is the cost of electric power.

For a long time, environmental groups have targeted natural gas bans to help the environment, but natural gas was popular because of how inexpensive it was. Compared to electricity, gas is often much cheaper. In California, for example, electricity prices are approximately 50 percent higher than the national average, costing more than four times as much as natural gas for the same amount of heat. When many people struggle to make ends meet, the prospect of paying significantly more for electricity when compared to natural gas can be difficult to bear. Furthermore, if all of the buildings in a specific area switch from natural gas to electricity, it will place more stress on the power grid, further driving up costs. Therefore, restaurant owners and managers must think carefully about their equipment.

Frying with Electricity

Electric cooking is very important, and it will only become more important in the future. Even though many companies, such as Pitco, still provide gas-powered fryers, there are also electric options. We know both power sources are important, and we believe operators must understand and get ahead of any natural gas bans by learning about the options available from electric cooking equipment, specifically electric fryers. So here’s a brief overview of Pitco’s electric fryer solutions:

ROV electric fryers can help restaurant owners reduce their carbon footprint and reduce oil consumption, saving money. Units are automated, meaning less demand for manpower and increased order production. Solstice electric fryers are highly efficient and feature mix-and-match cabinets and multiple controller options. They are also made of mercury-free relays, which are safer and better for the environment. Economy electric fryers are perfect for restaurant owners on a tight budget. They come with a stainless steel tank, an electric thermostat, and a 14 x 14 cooking area. There are plenty of electric frying options available.

Read the Electric Equipment Food Service Guide and learn more about the future of electric cooking.

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