The Science Behind Pitco’s Solstice Burner

Commercial deep fryers feature either an open pot design or tube heated design. While open pot fryers face their own challenges with consistency, how do you compare one tube fryer to another?


Some of the very best tube fryers on the market today are offered by Pitco. The secret to their industry leading success lies to a large degree in their proprietary Solstice technology. This blog takes a closer look at the science behind the Solstice Series, delving specifically into five key aspects of Pitco’s revolutionary tube fryer systems.

Solstice Technology

Tube Heating

The hallmark of Pitco’s Solstice and Solstice Supreme Series are the fryers’ unparalleled level of efficiency. That efficiency begins with the tube heating elements used in Solstice fryers. These tubes pass directly through the fryer’s pot, thus allowing oil to directly contact the tubes. Because of this, virtually all of the heat moves into the oil itself, resulting in optimal, even heat transfer in the cooking area and a cool zone below for crumbs and debris.

Innovative Burner Design

The efficiency benefits of a Pitco tube fryer doesn’t stop at its tube heating system, however. Pitco has also made innovative strides in the design of their gas burners. In particular, the Solstice burners draw in a higher amount of primary air, resulting in a vastly improved air-gas mixture.

Furthermore, the design of the baffle provokes what is known as a scrubbing action from the flame, thus increasing its heat yield. This has two key benefits. First, it boosts the thermal efficiency of the fryer to an industry leading 70 percent. Second, it enables the fryer to generate heat more quickly, thus cutting down on both cooking and recovery times.

Self-Clean Burners

Even the best gas burners can’t achieve 100 percent efficiency. A build up inside the burner occurs from airborne particulates such as lint, dust, etc.  These particulate build ups can hamper efficiency, etc. As the amount of built up particles grows thicker, they decrease efficiency by absorbing heat that should be going to your fryer’s oil. Over the long run, they can also cause blockages that hamper efficiency to an even greater extent. The self cleaning burner incinerates the particulate build up.

To avoid such problems, most gas fryers require regular maintenance, which involves additional downtime and added expense. Pitco has introduced an incredible workaround to this problem in the form of their patented Self Clean Burner technology. Once a day, the fryer automatically initiates a 30-second cleaning cycle to maintain ideal efficiency.

No Blower System

The burner systems in other gas tube fryers tend to be quite complex. Most such fryers incorporate power blowers to facilitate optimal airflow in and out of the burner. With multiple moving parts, those power blowers increase the need for regular maintenance, as well as the chances of component failure as time goes on.

Pitco’s Solstice systems offer a far more simplified approach. In fact, their design does away with the need for power blowers altogether. Likewise, Solstice fryers contain no air switch. By cutting down on the number of moving parts, Pitco has greatly boosted the reliability of their fryers compared to those offered by other manufacturers.

Front Serviceable Design

For any piece of kitchen equipment, routine service and maintenance is key to a long term life and efficiency, especially with fryers. Fortunately, Solstice Series fryers make this task as simple as possible, thanks to their front-facing service doors and strategically designed interior. Technicians can easily access all of the components from the front of the fryer.

Pitco has components strategically located to facilitate easy front servicing, with ample space for work to be performed. Alternatively, other fryers often have to be repositioned prior to maintenance for proper access. This can prove inconvenient in tight kitchen spaces, while also requiring that the fryer be completely powered down and cooled. Pitco’s maintenance-friendly design shows just how dedicated they are to top-down excellence.

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