3 Things You Should Definitely Fry for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving might look a little different in homes this year, but no matter how many families or friends are gathered around the table, there’s one thing that will certainly remain the same — the food. After all, Thanksgiving is really the one holiday we have that is completely based on food. Yes, we give thanks, but the reason we do so — at least in the days of the pilgrims — is because of the great meals we place before us.As we detailed in a recent post on the foods you must fry in fall, turkey is clearly the clubhouse leader when it comes to foods that should also be considered for frying when it comes to Thanksgiving, but there are more!Let’s take a quick look at a few of them now.


Bread cubes. Onions. Garlic. Maybe a potato or two. When you mix all of this together and consider dropping it in a fryer, the result is deep-fried stuffing that will delivery big-time flavor. To take it one step further, consider rolling them up in batter for stuffing balls that will transform a traditional Thanksgiving side into one of the most memorable things on your plate.


Here at Pitco, we have a personal favorite — fried sweet potato chips. Just take a sweet potato and run it through a mandolin to create the perfect width chip. Drop them in the fryer, add salt, and chow down. For an upgraded experience, make sure the chips are all around the same size, and once they come out of the fryer, place them on a sheet pan one at a time. Add some Crème fraîche



Some people love zucchini and squash. Others don’t. One way to to move people from the second column into the first is to consider frying this ubiquitous fall vegetable. Spiral them up or slice them. Coat them in egg and flower. And then fry them up. The crunch will serve as a great counterbalance to the softer texture of the squash.


OK, we couldn’t just give you three. In reality, one of Thanksgiving’s best side dishes wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the fryer. How about the green bean casserole? Have you ever had it without fried onions? Instead of buying them in a bag, consider thinly slicing your own onions, breading them, and dropping them into a fryer.

And after second though, we just couldn’t let it go. We had to add turkey to this list, too. Everyone has their own ways of cooking the big bird, and many claim that deep frying delivers the most tender, moist turkey out there. We’ll leave it up to you, just please share your results!

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