Tips for Shutting Down Your Fryer

The shift is almost over. All the orders have been run, and tickets have stopped coming in. Perhaps a semblance of a staff meal has been served with the remaining pieces of fried chicken coming off the rack fryer. Now it’s time to shut that fryer down.

Just about every piece of foodservice equipment requires more than just an off switch, but more than most, fryers require a bit more attention. The reasons are simple. Oil quality needs to be preserved because it’s essential to quality food, and oil management and handling can create safety hazards if not done correctly.

To help, the fryer experts here at Pitco have put together a step-by-step tips sheet for shutting down your fryer for extended periods of time.


As detailed in step six, tank covers are a great way to protect your oil overnight, as they can keep unwanted particles and particulates from getting inside our oil basin. Learn more about the importance of tank covers in our blog post dedicated to the subject.


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Topics: Filtration, Maintenance