The Science Behind Pitco's Solstice Burner

by Pitco on Aug 13, 2020 2:21:03 PM

Commercial deep fryers feature either an open pot design or tube heated design. While open pot fryers face their own...

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10 Fun Facts About Chicken

by Pitco on May 1, 2020 4:08:40 PM

When it comes to both popularity and variety, there are few foods that can compete with chicken. As a staple in the diet...

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Chicken wings are a true staple of the American diet. From sporting events to casual get-togethers with friends and...

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Why Does Fried Food Taste So Good?

by Pitco on Apr 19, 2020 7:00:00 AM

Onion rings, french fries, and wings -- oh my!

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With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever for foodservice operations like restaurants to ensure...

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Pitco is a leader in electric foodservice equipment, dedicated to the fine art of frying since 1918. In fact, Pitco was...

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Why Fryer Recovery Times are Important

by Pitco on Mar 16, 2020 5:00:00 PM

Fryers may be one of the most efficient methods for cooking when it comes to the foodservice industry. They're easy to...

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How Can a Fryer Help with Labor?

by Pitco on Dec 10, 2019 9:00:00 AM

If you work in foodservice or are even slightly familiar with the current state of the industry, one of the first things...

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Introducing the ROV Rack Fryer from Pitco

by Pitco on Aug 26, 2019 6:29:58 PM

Introducing the Pitco ROV Rack Fryer. A riff on the original Legacy Rack Fryer, this new unit has some amazing benefits...

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