What Should You Fry on the 4th of July?

We’ve already established the fact you can fry just about anything, but that leaves us with a question. Should you? And as it relates to this year’s 4th of July holiday, what are some of the most festive things you should drop in the fryer?

The reality is nothing can unite Americans quite like fried food, and it’s our belief you really can’t go wrong when you consider your fried food menus for Independence Day. In America, we have many freedoms, and one of those is to fry whatever we darn please.

The experts at Pitco have put together a list of great 4th of July fried foods. This list is as vast and diverse as our population, so matter what you decide to drop in the oil, we hope you have a great holiday!


Who wouldn’t want to start the holiday with fried dough filled with jelly, topped with a glaze, or sprinkled with powdered sugar. Donuts are probably the most popular of the fried desserts, and we think it’s a great way to start an all-fried 4th of July.

Jalapeño Poppers

This seemed like the logical place to start, as it blends a spicy pepper often associated with our southern border, the American favorite of melted cheese, and a great, fried exterior. Of course, jalapeño poppers also have a name that reminds us fireworks. Though nobody knows precisely where they were first served, the history of jalapeño popper is part of our national melting pot, quite literally.

Fried Mac & Cheese

Though the earliest known record of mac and cheese was written down in 1769 by none other than Thomas Jefferson, the evolution of this dish has resulted in the wonderful invention of fried balls of the gooey pasta. After shaping cooled mac and cheese into a ball and breading it, the tip is to freeze them before dropping them into the fryer.

Onion Rings

Whether it’s Walla Walla onions from Washington or the infamous Vidalias from Georgia, American onions are some of the sweetest in the world. Yes, they’re so sweet they can sometimes even be eaten like apples. But why would you when you can ring them, coat them in batter, and fry them up to go with your 4th of July cheeseburger?

Fried Apple Pie

Nothing is as American as apple pie, so what about frying up a derivative for the Fourth? Whether it’s a turnover or a fritter, cook up an apple compote, fill it into a puff pastry, and then fry it for a great way to finish the day. Don’t forget the school of vanilla ice cream.

We know what to fry. Schedule a culinary consultation with us to get some ideas for your operation!

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