What You Need for Profitable Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is one of the most popular — and profitable — endeavors in foodservice. Over the last several years, it’s been at the top of several trends lists as a way to help operators improve their bottom lines, but a successful fried chicken program doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It starts with an idea and ends in the fryer.

A Winning Fried Chicken Recipe

As a southern fried chicken purist, maybe you decided it’s time to share your love for the homey simplicity of your buttermilk, flour-dredged specialty. On the other hand, you may have perfected an adobo-style fry – the vinegary Philippine favorite that adds a peppery kick. The sweet and sour crunchiness of a Korean fried delicacy could be where you’ve fine-tuned your taste buds. Of course, the buttermilk brine and hot cayenne flavor balanced in the Nashville hot mixture is an American crowd-pleaser that’s here to stay.

No matter what your recipe, it’s important to have your own style. Make it secret if you need to. Just remember, this is the idea that set your operation in motion.

A Fryer That Can Deliver Quality Chicken in Larger Volumes

Once the word is out, the lines are running out the door. Now more than ever it’s important to have commercial fryers that can deliver high quality in larger volumes. Adopting a process that maximizes your resources is crucial to your fried chicken business. Whether you serve a weekly three-course special that produces 30 orders, or you supply hundreds of pieces a week, chicken automation is the key to profitability.

Choose the fried chicken equipment that’s going to enhance your recipe by cooking each piece to crunchy, golden-brown perfection. A budget-stretching option is the reduced oil volume (ROV) Rack Fryer from Pitco.

ROV Rack Fryers from Pitco

The Solstice Series gas and electric fryers provide a variety of size and cabinet combinations and fuel adaptability to suit your kitchen needs. Simply put, an ROV fryer uses less oil while delivering higher volume, helping you earn more from production while saving more from oil usage at the same time. But those aren’t the only advantages.

A top-off feature maintains an ideal frying level while replacing the oxidizing oil with fresh oil through the filtering process. Oil is automatically replenished before it has a chance to oxidize and deteriorate. While an automatic filtration system provides a higher level of efficiency and safety for those who operate the fryer.

Always keep in mind a frequent oil filtration schedule enhances the quality of your product while improving profitability.

Why Should You Consider the ROV Rack Fryer?

If the popularity of your recipe has reached a need for a higher level of production and chicken automation, it may be time to consider the ROV Rack Fryer. The Pitco ROV Rack Fryer improves upon the Legacy Rack Fryer:

  • Oil reduced from 100 to 73 pounds
  • Throughput capacity increased from 48 to 64 pieces of chicken

How Pitco’s ROV Rack Fryer stacks up to the competition:

  • Produces 320 as opposed to 196 pieces of bone-in chicken in one hour and 45 minutes
  • Innovative signal IQ control – level sensor for the collection of sediment

Simply load the chicken, set the controls, and walk away. The ROV Rack Fryer takes care of frying your chicken to perfection while you tend to other aspects of your business.

A Fryer Partner Who Can Be a Knowledgeable Resource

The experts at Pitco have been improving on the frying method since the 1918 invention of the Pitco Frialator. Discovering a way to remove the sediment at the bottom of the fry pot and improve the overall quality of fried foods was only the beginning of the company’s innovative vision. Schedule a free fryer consultation with a member of the Pitco team to discuss how you can increase productivity and profitability.

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