Why Deep-Fried Seafood Is Profitable

Anyone who has spent time along the Gulf Coast understands that fried seafood is a critical part of local culinary traditions. It is also a major driver of the local economy, meaning that fried seafood is popular and profitable.

Even though many people associate fried seafood with the beach towns scattered along the southeastern coast, fried seafood is popular all over the country. Seafood restaurants often have a slightly higher price point when compared to other types of restaurants, which means there are opportunities for restaurant owners and operators to make a significant profit. Fried seafood is prevalent during the summer. Still, people also crave seafood out of season. The demand for fried seafood is projected to expand significantly during the next few years, as many people are interested in eating healthy fish.

What to pair with fried seafood? More fried food of course!

Restaurant owners and operators who are interested in fried seafood might be wondering what else to pair with this dish. Of course, other fried seafood works great, but there are plenty of non-seafood dishes, as well. For example, fried onion rings, hush puppies, and French fries all pair well with seafood. In fact, many diners expect to see fried hush puppies in the same basket as popcorn shrimp.

Because there are plenty of classic sides, restaurant owners and managers should not hesitate to branch out to try something new to attract and retain customers. For example, sprinkling French fries with a bit of garlic can bring out some of the best flavors in fried seafood. Even potato wedges with cheese and bacon will go great with fried clams or fish.

Tips on How to Fry Delicious Seafood

With fried seafood consumption projected to go up in the next few years, keeping a few important tips in mind is important. From selecting fresh ingredients to filtering your oil to selecting the best possible fryers for seafood, great fried seafood comes from various factors.

Ideally, your fryer should be efficient, accurate, and large enough to handle large quantities of seafood at once. While it’s important for operators to pay attention to the price of the equipment, quality is far more important. With a quality fryer, it is possible to bring out the best possible flavors. Investing in a solid filtration system can protect the food and the fryer, ensuring that restaurant owners get as much use out of it as possible.

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