Why Fryer Recovery Times are Important

Fryers may be one of the most efficient methods for cooking when it comes to the foodservice industry. They’re easy to use and quick to cook with. You may not be aware, but all fryers need what we call a recovery time to function properly.

If it’s being used constantly, it may go through that phase more often. Depending on the type of fryer your foodservice operation has will help determine the type of food you cook, as well as how long the needed recovery time may be.

Recovery Time Broken Down

The easiest way to understand what a fryer’s recovery time is by the amount of time it takes for the oil or fat in your fryer to return to its set temperature. You may not realize it, but when you drop a frozen food into your fryer it immediately lowers the temperature. Some fryers specialize in being able to fry food at lower temperatures and can recover faster, but all fryers go through a period of ‘recovery’. Depending on your specific fryer, you will have to wait a certain amount of time before that oil or fat warms back up to allow you to fry food.

One good thing about deep fryers is that depending on how much oil is absorbed into the food you’re cooking, it can help your fryer to recover more quickly, as well as leave cooked food less oily for your customers. That’s where that awesome crunch comes from that people love so much. Some fryers are made specifically to have a faster recovery time, which is why oils are absorbed less. The less oil absorbed means you don’t need to change it out as often or wait as long before cooking something else.

Importance of Fry Times

A busy business is a happy business! Serving customers quickly is important for good reviews and everyone’s satisfaction. That’s one reason deep fryers are so important in a foodservice operation. They allow you to cook quickly and when you have one with a quick recovery time you’re able to fry more often with no wait in between. Recovery times are significantly important during busy service times. Those rush hour moments can be handled with ease when you’re equipped with the proper deep fryer, and that ease can be the key to a profitable business.

Knowing that, your only concern will be choosing which fryer is right for your business. Fortunately, Pitco has you covered in finding the perfect fryer for your foodservice operation.

Pitco vs. the Others

Let us introduce you to the Solstice Supreme. Our high-efficiency gas and electric fryers provide you with high-production, all while saving on energy costs. Not only does it help your bottom line, but it’s eco-friendly. By using tubes instead of an open pot, the Solstice Supreme transfers heat without the power blowers. This gives more reliability with recovery times.

The Solstice introduces a self-cleaning burner that runs through a 30-second cleaning cycle daily. This leaves you with low maintenance and easy accessibility to ensure your consumers are getting the most. Made to be simple and reliable, it’s a deep fryer dream come true.

Schedule some time with us today to get a free personal fryer consultation and find the fryer that will fulfill your specific kitchen needs.

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