Why You Should Cover Your Fryer for Extra Protection

A restaurant is responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of equipment and supplies, from running daily foodservice operations to investing in the success of its frying program. With a well-conceived and followed plan, these types of critical tools can result in longer lifespans, decreased overhead, and enhanced profits.

Think about this from a day-to-day perspective. Most operations have a set procedure for cleaning tasks like disinfecting tables, taking out the trash, and removing grease from stoves and ovens. This includes covering your fryer before you go home.

Keep Your Restaurant’s Deep Fryer Running At Peak Performance

There are many things that need to be considered when it comes to a commercial fryer. Some of them can be larger tasks such as oil filtration, while others can be smaller and easier things like covering your fryer at the end of the day. Let’s take a quick look at what some of those important tasks can be to keep your fryer running at ideal conditions.

Don’t Get Excess Food Stuck Inside the Fryer After a Long Day

An easy way to keep excess food out of your fryer is to make sure they’re covered. Beyond food, droplets from exhaust fans and hoods can fall into a fryer as moisture condenses. Also avoid filling fryer baskets right above a boiling vat as loose particles of moisture can fall into oil causing it to polymerize.

Even dust can make a difference.

At night, once everyone is gone, even dust can settle into vats of oil and cause harm. The simple solution is just to cover your fryers at the end of each day’s use to ensure that nothing gets inside the oil that can degrade its desired qualities, and even more important, its lifespan.

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