Dollars to donuts, nothing can beat the Pitco 24R-UFM, the simple, efficient donut fryer. It fries consistently high quality donuts and bakery products with less oil and fewer BTUs.*

The 24R-UFM features an advanced solid-state thermostat for precise temperature control and melt cycle capability, a labor-saving integrated filter for longer oil life and a 3" frying depth for better utilization of cooking area, especially for floating bakery products. Large cool zone for better frying. Traps particles and crumbs, prevents a major cause of fat breakdown and eliminates taste transfer.

Easily adjustable drainboard cover for desired drainage angle. Folds over as a cover when fryer is not in use. Pitco's donut fryers have a welded tank with a super smooth machine-peened finish to ensure easy cleaning. Long lasting, high temperature alloy stainless steel heat baffles are mounted in the heat exchanger tubes to provide maximum heating and combustion efficiency.

Pitco Donut fryers are available in both natural and LP gas . 24" and 34" fry area.

*compared to previous design

Standard Features:

  • Wire mesh tube screen
  • Two nickel-plated wire mesh doughnut screen with handles
  • Hinged, wire mesh submerger screen with safety grip handles
  • Drainboard
  • One drain line clean-out rod
  • One drain nipple
  • Heat deflector
  • Doughnut turner stick
  • Cabinet Stainless steel front and door,
    galvanized sides and back
  • Tank Mild steel with stainless steel front and tubes
  • Tank stainless steel