For Energy Saving High Production frying, specify the Pitco Solstice Supreme tube fired gas fryers with Solstice Supreme Burner Technology. Solstice Supreme provides extremely dependable atmospheric heat transfer and fuel saving performance, without the need for complex power blowers. This patented atmospheric burner system, with its long lasting alloy heat baffles, reaches up to 70% thermal efficiency and delivers lower flue temperatures. New Self Clean Burner (patent pending) goes through a daily 30 second cleaning cycle to keep your burners tuned to operate in the most energy efficient manner. Ventilation troubles are virtually eliminated with the Down Draft Protection (patent pending) that safely monitors your fryer, making this a low maintenance, highly reliable fryer.

The Pitco SSH Series Gas Fryers

  • 70% Efficient — one of the most efficient fryers you can own
  • No Blower, No Air Switch - Fewer moving parts add to greater reliability.
  • Tube-style heating for even heat transfer and higher heat transfer area than current fryers.
Simple — operator friendly
  • Simple atmospheric blue flame burner (non-infrared)
  • Simple filter drawer assembly
  • Tube-style heating for even heat transfer and higher heat transfer area than current fryers.
Reliable — designed for durability with proven components
  • No temperamental infrared ceramic burners to crack
  • Eliminates direct firing of intense heat on side walls of frypot
  • Magnetic drain valve power cut off switches are standard on all units (no micro switches to stick)

SSH Series High Efficiency Gas

  • SSH75
  • SFSSH55

Standard Features

  • Solid State Control
  • Matchless Ignition
  • Self Cleaning Burner & Down Draft Protection
  • Stainless steel tank, front, door and sides
  • Drain valve interlock safety switch
  • 9" legs

Optional Features

  • Digital Control
  • Computer Control
  • Solstice Filter Drawer
    Oil filtration in a fryer batteries
  • Solstice SoloFilter
    Oil filtration in a single fryer
  • 9" casters optional
  • Fry Vat covers, optional