Hold french fries, crispy chicken tenders, and more! Gentle hot air circulation over and through the product maintains crispness while keeping food hot and ready to serve! Reduce food waste by extending the hold time up to four times longer than traditional methods, such as heat lamps and enclosed holding cabinets.

Features & Benefits

  • Gentle air circulation to maintain warmth and crispness draws air across and through food product for optimal temperature and texture
  • Heating elements and components located away from oils and vapors.
  • Large landing zone and adjustable and removable dividers for flexible product holding and easy cleaning.
  • All stainless steel construction with removable product tray and grease filters for easy cleaning
  • Floor models can be used in a Solstice Fryer battery to keep food products crispy, hot, and ready to serve!

Crisp N’ Hold Performance vs. heat lamps

Crisp N’ Hold Performance

Food comes out of the fryer at 200° to 210°F. Active air circulation through the food, cools product to holding temperature quickly to reduce moisture loss and stop the cooking process. Excess moisture and oils are wicked away from the product and it remains crispy for an extended time.

Heat Lamp Performance

Food comes out of the fryer at 200° to 210°F. Under the heat lamp, heat is released slowly from the product as it continues to cook for as long as 45 minutes. Moisture and oil seep out and collect on the food. The result is overcooked and mushy product after 10-15 minutes.