Foodservice operators everywhere are learning about the benefits of reheating high quality food products previously prepared and frozen in bulk. From chain restaurants to colleges, healthcare, schools, hotels and supermarkets, central cook chill production systems are delivering product consistency, inventory control and reduced waste.

A variety of equipment and systems are available to re-heat bulk products from refrigerated or frozen to serving temperature (generally 160 to 165F). Products include vegetables, gravy, soups, and meats in sauce, with new products constantly in development. Typically food is packed in 5 lb. chubs about 2" wide, 12" long and 10" tall. The products can be prepared in a commissary and shipped while still sealed to local operations.

This process has been proven to reduce kitchen labor and training, reduces store-site equipment requirements, holds product quality exceptionally well, improves kitchen safety, and reduces energy usage.

Why is using precooked chilled product considered a superior rethermalizing process?

  • Rethermalizing is more energy efficient than steam or hot air,
    and the hot water surface provides more exact temperature control.
  • Hot water is 10 times more efficient than hot air!
  • Using water, delicate products can be heated to an exact temperature,
    without overcooking product on the exterior of the bag.
  • Unused pouches may be chilled very rapidly in ice water to store for later use, and pouches cost less than aluminum pans/cans while taking up less space.
  • Typical alternatives are bulk frozen in 12" x 20" x 2" pans,
    or bulk (fresh or frozen) in gallon to 2 gallon plastic casings.

The Pitco Rethermalizer is unmatched for design, construction and flexibility.
The equipment is available standard with one tank or two and other combinations are available. Features include a welded fry tank, stainless steel high temperature baffles, an automatic water fill system with in-line filters, and tank overflow/tank bottom drains combined for single floor drain. Operation is managed with a solid state digital thermostat and solid-state liquid-level control. The Rethermalizer is finished off with a stainless steel tank, covers, and doors.

Gas models are standard with digital solid state temperature control, electronic ignition, automatic water fill, auxiliary manual fill, common drain/overflow, stainless steel hinged tank cover(s), tube rack, 6 legs. Supplied with cord and plug.