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Picture yourself at the Great American Picnic. The red and white checkered tablecloth is spread across the picnic table. The old elm is blocking the harsh summer sun. There’s surely an ice cold pitcher of lemonade on the table. And the kids are out in the field throwing the baseball. Can you picture it? Now, what are you eating?

That’s right. You’re probably eating fried chicken. It’s as American as it gets, and whether you’re a partisan in the Chicken Sandwich Wars or you’ve joined Team Flat or Team Drum at your favorite wing joint or you’re simply looking for a great piece of Nashville Hot, here at Pitco, we’re happy to say we love it all. And… we’re here to help you serve these amazing selections in your own establishments.

Please enjoy our page that’s dedicated exclusively to everything fried chicken. We hope you find this information fun, useful, inspiring, and appetizing.

Features and Benefits of Fried Chicken


Fried Chicken News and Trends from Pitco

How do you create a profitable fried chicken program for your foodservice operation? Is the fried chicken sandwich craze here to stay? Read the latest fried chicken trends, tips, and equipment solutions geared to increase your commercial kitchen’s output and profitability.

Fried Chicken

What You Need for Profitable Fried Chicken

Fried chicken is one of the most popular — and profitable — endeavors in foodservice. Over the last several years, it’s been at the top of several trends lists as a way to help operators improve their bottom lines, but a successful fried chicken program doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It starts with an idea and ends in the fryer.

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Fried Chicken

Breaking Down the Great Chicken Wing Debate

Drums or flats? Runners versus fliers? Stems or flappers? Skateboard? Clothespins? Whatever words you use to describe the different parts of the chicken wing, it seems everyone has a favorite and is quick to defend that preference to the bitter end.

But what about the beginning?

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Fried Chicken

Why Do We Love “Nashville Hot” Chicken?

A few years ago, Nashville-style hot chicken was rated one of the most important trends in all of foodservice. From fast casual to fine dining, different variations of this spicy favorite were popping up on menus across the country. And a few years later, they’re still there.

So why do we love hot chicken?

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Why is Fried Chicken So Popular?

Fried Chicken is not a new food on menus by any means, but it’s popularity today has never been higher. Discover why this highly versatile, profitable, and most importantly, delicious food is one of the most popular and craved menu items in the foodservice world.

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