Built-In Filtration

Built-In Filtration

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Built-In Filtration

Built-In Filtration is Available on all Flat Bottom, MegaFry, Solstice, Solstice Supreme & ROV Fryers 

The Solstice Filter System is available on two or more fryers or the Solstice SoloFilter can be paired with a single gas or electric fryer.

Built-in filtration  creates a safer work environment for fryer operators. Any opportunity fryers provide to remove the risks of oil handling increases not only workplace safety but makes operations more efficient. 

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Solstice Filter Drawer

Built-In Filtration

What is so special about the Solstice Filter Drawer?

  • The manual process is easy
    • Step 1: Pull the blue handle to drain the fryer
    • Step 2: Pull the red handle to open the oil return valve and activate the pump in one easy step
  • The internal strainer prevents pump clogs
  • There are fewer filter parts - only 4 including the pan
  • Clog free extra large 3" drain manifold and spout provide fast draining for faster turn around times
  • Our self aligning quick guide pan has no rack or rollers to worry about
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    Make the most out of your filter drawer with automatic filtration!
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Built-In Filtration

Automatic Filtration

What kind of automation does Pitco have for fryers?

  • Pitco has the most sophisticated filtration automation available
  • Automatic filtration options are available for any fryer equipped with a 12-Button or Infinity Touch control
  • Auto filtration allows operators to push a button to begin to filter, once the fryer is done with its cycle the oil will automatically return
  • With ROV Fryers other automated processes include Auto-Top off where the fryer will replace any oil lost through the cooking or filtration process automatically
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    Learn more about the INFINITY TOUCH™ Control on our technologies pages!


Computer Programs & Functions

  • Number of cooks, filter soon warning, number of overrides, deferrals to lockout
  • Filter time cycles (draining, refilling), Oil Polish duration
  • JIB Mechanism and Indicator
    • JIB timer warns the operator when oil is below 20%
  • Filter Data Functions
    • Records data for the current batch of oil
      as well as the 2 previous batches
    • Number of polishes
    • Oil hours in use


  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Increase safety for operators who directly handle fresh/waste oil
  • Reduces carbon footprint: less processed oil from first fill
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Fewer deliveries or waste pickups
  • Better for the workplace

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