Fryer Cleaning Accessories

Fryer Cleaning Accessories

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Cleaning Accessories

Fryer maintenance is key to having a long lasting piece of equipment. Pitco fryers are built to last and go far beyond their warranty time with the proper cleaning routines. 

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The tank brush is used to help sediment that gets stuck to the tank. It is important to use the brush at the beginning of a filtration cycle - don't forget your protective gloves! 

By using the brush to help scrape off the tank as it filters you are not only ensuring more sediment does not get caked on when you continue cooking - but it also ensures the sediment goes down with the drain. That way when the filtered oil returns to the tank it is not immediately being introduced to sediment from prior cooks.

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Clean Out Rod

If you notice the oil is not leaving the fry tank as it is draining to the filter drawer or waste receptacle - it is time to grab the clean out rod!

This is used to get through the heating elements to help push sediment that has gathered by the drain preventing oil from flushing correctly. With a little nudge from the clean out rod oil should be flowing again properly.

Some models have bends while some are straight - it depends on the piece of equipment you have.

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Crumb Scoop

This little scoop here is to help you clean out the larger chunks of sediment that get caught behind during the filtration process.

Solstice filter drawers disassemble for easy cleaning. For an easier cleaning process use this scoop to help clear out the big chunks before washing the drawer with soap and water.

Before every filter cycle you should check to make sure that the filter drawer is cleaned out and prepared with a new piece of filter paper and is cleared of old sediment chunks.

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There are many cleaning powders out there to help you during a filter cycle. Pitco has it's own cleaner but you are free to choose the cleaner you would like.

This powder should be sprinkled over the interior of a fully assembled filter drawer. Make sure to sprinkle it all over the paper after the elements have been placed in the drawer. This is the last step to preparing a filter drawer before sliding it back under the fryer.


Accessories can change the entire way your kitchen operates. Having the right baskets depends on your menus and business needs. 

For instance if you have a wide variety of fried appetizers that you cook in small batches - triple or quadruple baskets could be right for you!

If you are doing mass amounts of fries all day every day - stick to the twin baskets or maybe try out a square/full size basket.


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