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ROV Gas Fryers

What does ROV stand for? 


It's all about oil turnover!

When the amount of oil dragged out with the food reaches an optimum level, the oil is replenished faster than it can deteriorate leading to longer oil life. Oil is never given a chance to fully oxidize.

Be sure to get the most out of your ROV with:

  • Automatic Filtration
  • Automatic Oil Top Off
  • JIB Management
  • Modular Solstice System with Self-Cleaning Burners


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Gas Rov Fryer


Why Choose ROV?

  • It’s all modular! Depending on your production needs you can custom create the fryer that is right for you.
    • Start with an SSHLV14 with a 32lb oil capacity 
    • Not enough? Add on additional fryer banks!
    • Need more frying capacity that falls right in between capacities? Try looking at the SSHLV184R
  • Get the most with the automated filtration options available

Learn about the true advantages of this fryer system below and on our Integrated Oil Management page.


Gas Rov Fryer


Why Choose 184?

  • This fryer bank increases oil capacity by 10lbs from the SSHLV14
  • If you need to make that extra jump from 32lb to 42lb oil capacity this fryer is the one you need
  • In the photo you'll notice the fryer bank in the middle is a little more narrow? That's because the fryers on the end are the SSHLV184 and the middle fryer is the SSHLV14

    Learn about the true advantages of this fryer system below and on our Integrated Oil Management page.

Gas Rov Fryer


What does the "T" mean?

  • The "T" at the end of this model indicates that this fryer is a split tank
  • A split tank fryer has a divider within the tank that keeps one basket frying on one side of the tank in oil that is separate from the other side
  • A split tank also allows you to control each half of the fryer separately - so if you only want to operate half the fryer you have the freedom to do so

    Learn about the true advantages of this fryer system below and on our Integrated Oil Management page.

Gas Rov Rack Fryer


What's a rack fryer?

  • The newest addition to the ROV family is the SGLVRF
  • This fryer specializes in cooking fresh breaded bone in chicken- 72% more chicken than other rack fryer models
  • The lifts for the racks come in both manual and automatic
  • Another unique fact to Pitco's ROV Rack Fryer is that with a two bank system - both fryers share the same filter drawer simplifying operations
  • The filtration system is fully automatic after each cook cycle

    Learn about the true advantages of this fryer system below and on our Integrated Oil Management page.


Computer Programs & Functions

  • Number of cooks, filter soon warning, number of overrides, deferrals to lockout
  • Filter time cycles (draining, refilling), Oil Polish duration
  • JIB Mechanism and Indicator
    • JIB timer warns the operator when oil is below 20%
  • Filter Data Functions
    • Records data for the current batch of oil
      as well as the 2 previous batches
    • Number of polishes
    • Oil hours in use


  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Increase safety for operators who directly handle fresh/waste oil
  • Reduces carbon footprint: less processed oil from first fill
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Fewer deliveries or waste pickups
  • Better for the workplace

Learn More About Integrated Oil Management

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Model Number Oil Capacity (lbs) Inrut Rating (BTU/Hr)
SSHLV14 32 72,500
SSHLV184R 42 100,000
SSHLV14T 17 ea 37,000 ea
SGLVRF 76 125,000
Model Number Fryer W x D x H (in) Frying Area W x D (in) Cook Depth (in) Shipping Container (cu/ft) Approx Weight (lbs)
SSHLV14 15.625" x 35.25" x 45.75" 13" x 13.6" 3.25" - 5"
Based on System Configuration, Consult Factory
SSHLV184R 19.625" x 35.25" x 45.75" 18" x 13.7" 3.25" - 5"
SSHLV14T 15.625" x 35.25" x 45.75" 6.9" x 13.6" ea 3.25" - 5"
SGLVRF 21.625" x 35.782 x 69.063" 14" x 18" 10"
Model Number Fryer Controls
  12 Button Computer Touchscreen
SSHLV14 Standard Optional
SSHLV184R Standard Optional
SSHLV14T Standard Optional
SGLVRF Standard Optional
Model Number Spec Sheet Installation/Operation Manual Service Manual Parts Manual Warranty
(Link to Form)
SSHLV14 L10-365 L20-407 L22-392 L22-386 L14-009
SSHLV184R L10-578 L20-407 L22-392 L22-386 L14-009
SSHLV14T L10-365 L20-407 L22-392 L22-386 L14-009
SGLVRF L10-622 - - - -

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