MegaFry Fryer


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MegaFry Fryer


High Output in a Small Footprint

A 62% efficient Solstice burner system, coupled with large capacity fry pot sizes, produce the highest volume output in the smallest footprint available. Megafry produces the same amount of product as three high efficiency 45 lb fryers, and uses 38% less floor space.

  • Standard with Solid State controls
  • Standard with stainless steel tank, front, sides and backsplash
  • Upgraded controls available
  • Optional filtration systems

    This is the best fryer for high volume restaurants like stadiums, theme parks, etc.

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SGM24 Accessories


Ideal for beignets, donuts, cronuts, onion rings, and hush puppies.


Solid State Control Standard

Every Solstice Electric fryer comes standard with Solid State control behind the front door.

Universal Control Harness

Mix and match controls to fit your needs. Intellifry computer, Digital Control, Solid State, or use the Solid State control as a back-up to the Intellifry or Digital.

12-Button or Infinity Touch Controls

  • Number of cooks, filter soon warning, number of overrides, deferrals to lockout
  • Filter time cycles (draining, refilling), Oil Polish duration
  • JIB Mechanism and Indicator
    • JIB timer warns the operator when oil is below 20%
  • Filter Data Functions
    • Records data for the current batch of oil
      as well as the 2 previous batches
    • Number of polishes
    • Oil hours in use


Model Number Oil Capacity (lbs) Inrut Rating (BTU/Hr)
SGM24 140-150 165,000
Model Number Fryer W x D x H (in) Frying Area W x D (in) Cook Depth (in) Shipping Container (cu/ft) Approx Weight (lbs)
SGM24 25.625" x 38" x 48.25" 24" x 24" 4" 56 ft3 375
Model Number 12 Button Computer Touchscreen
SGM24 Optional Optional
Model Number Spec Sheet Installation/Operation Manual Service Manual Parts Manual Warranty
(Link to Form)
SGM24 L10-212 L20-281 - - L14-009

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