Potato Cutter

Potato Cutter




This machine makes providing fresh cut fries an operational ease. 

  • Process up to 55lbs of potatoes in just one minute!
  • Easy top loading for potatoes
  • Choose the right knife block for you
    • PKB37 - Creates 3/8" fries
    • PKB50 - Creates 1/2" fries
  • One piece chute assembly
  • Don't forget the potato bucket!
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Potato Cutter


How does it work?

  • Load the potatoes at the top of the potato cutter
  • The potatoes spin and get forced through the knife block
  • The cut potatoes fall into a bucket or other receptacle
  • Now you are ready to blanch and/or fry!

    Want to know more about blanching fries? Watch out for our Fryer Side Chats with Joe McAuley Vlog entries on our blog!

Potato Cutter


Choose your fry size

Choose the right size for your fries!
  • PKB37 for 3/8" fries
  • PKB50 for 1/2" fries

Potato Bucket

  • Don't forget to catch the fresh cut fries in the bucket that can hold the whole 55lb load

Stay tuned into our blog for more tips and tricks!

See It In Action

The process is quick and easy!

  1. Load up to 55lbs of potatoes in the top of the machine
  2. Potatoes spin around the cavity and are pushed through the knife block
  3. Cut potatoes fall into the bucket or receptacle 

That's it!

Potato Cutter Final Video


Model Number Production Capacity
PC55 50lb potato
Model Number Spec Sheet Installation/Operation Manual Service Manual Parts Manual Warranty
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PC55 - -  - - -

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