SGBNB Dump Station

SGBNB Dump Station.

SGBNB14 HT-LMP 300dpi


Dump Station

There are so many options out there for holding cabinets for food and the SGBNB Dump Stations are made perfectly to fit with Pitco fryers. 

The cabinet can be used as a work station to prepare fresh breaded products.

If you have a separate batter station you can still use a SGBNB Dump Station to place finished food to allow the oil to drain before serving. For instance you can take your baskets of fries, dump them in the station, salt, shake and bag them without missing a beat all in a small footprint. 

You can also go with an optional heat lamp above the station to help extend the hold life of your food.


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SGBNB Dump Station

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  • Longer oil life

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