Splash Guards

Splash Guards

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Splash Guards

Splash guards can be added to fryers to help manage the oil splash that comes from using a fryer.

These are optional accessories that are available on all fryer models.

Check your local code - in many areas if you are placing a fryer next to other appliances splash guards are mandatory for your fryers.

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Employee safety is a major concern in every restaurant. Keeping a kitchen clean is imperative for both employee and food safety. By adding a splash guard to your fryer banks you are doing your part to help make it easier for staff to clean.

Cleanliness is important to avoid disasters like kitchen fires. If fryer oil is not cleaned from all surfaces it can build up and create a very dangerous situation.

Splash guards also promote food safety and help prevent cross contamination. Everyone is aware of all the different food allergies out there and by making sure fryer oil stays within the fryers helps prevent otherwise avoidable accidents pertaining to food as well.

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