Oil Reclamation

With Pitco’s internal oil reclamation system, a third party oil company can install their holding system and connect it directly to a Pitco fryer system. This means an operator has no spilling and no burning hazards when it comes to the disposal of used oil. Pitco’s filter pump will deliver used oil to a third party holding tank. Just another way Pitco is saving it’s customers money. Tie into a third party remote oil system with waste oil piping option, for use with Solstice Filter.

Choose between

  • Waste oil piping for liquid shortening
  • Solid shortening upgrade


If you are implementing a new oil reclamation system or are replacing fryers for an existing oil reclamation system be sure to share all details with both Pitco and the company that manages your waste solution.

With all parties informed Pitco can be sure to check for operational functionality. Everything from the piping setup to the type of oil you use can effect both systems. If a system is not set up properly both the fryer and oil management systems can experience difficulties that are hard to diagnose.

By working with our certified service professionals – implementation and operation will be a breeze and you can experience all the benefits of marrying the two systems.

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