get the most from your oil supply with the


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  • Automatic accurate oil quality measurements are displayed and stored
  • User is alerted for proper oil disposal -
    • Not too early to waste oil
    • Not too late to compromise food quality
  • No user interaction with sensor or oil
    • No consumables
    • Nothing to lose, damage or break
  • Only one sensor per fryer system, not just one pot





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SOS SmartOIL Sensor™

Know exactly when to filter

The best sensor to determine purity and remaining useful life of oil with deep fryers. Part of Pitco's Integrated Oil Management System the oil sensor helps you get the most out of your fryer oil and is easiest to use with the Infinity Touch controller. Combined with an ROV that can help you save up to 50% in oil costs in addition to labor costs with automated processes. Learn more about how Pitco can help you manage your frying programs today!

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