Installation, Startup, and
Equipment Joining Request

Installation, Startup, and Equipment Joining Requests

some details you need to know:

  • Startups and installations MUST be requested a minimum of FIVE (5) BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR to requiring the service, EIGHT (8) BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR for areas covered by a sub-agent.
  • Any rescheduled service would require a minimum of FIVE (5) BUSINESS DAYS notice of the new requested date.
  • Due to a nationwide shortage of qualified service technicians caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, several areas in the country are seeing upwards of two-week service lead times from notice of site readiness. Please keep this in mind when requesting any service.

For the Following Brands:

Location Requirements that must be met before above requested service can be performed:

  • Equipment must be unboxed and/or uncrated and removed from pallets (does not apply if installation is selected below)
  • All required utilities must be operational
    • Gas, water, electric, hoods, fire suppression, drains
  • Proper cooking medium for the appliance must be available on site (oil, water, etc.)
  • Free startup requires that the equipment be installed and boiled out prior to the arrival of the service technician

If the tech shows up to perform the requested service and they are unable to complete the service due to one of the above requirements not being met, then the location would be financially responsible for any return trips to the location to complete the requested service..

Once Pitco has received the below information and it is validated, Pitco will schedule the service with the local Authorized Service Agent

By pressing the submit button, you agree that all the requirements will be met by the service date. (The submit button will send your form directly to Pitco. 

Incorrect or incomplete information may take longer to process and schedule service.

For complete details as to what is included with each service, questions regarding what equipment may or may not qualify or additional questions or concerns, please contact Pitco Tech Support at 603-225-6684, option 2.