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    TorQ Frying System at NRA

    Come join us at booth 4200 for an up close look at Pitco's newest release: the TorQ Frying System. 




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    Pitco introduces it’s patented, future of frying design, the TorQ frying system with Torrent Filtration. The name stems from the incessant stream of oil used in this convection style cooking system and Q representing the amount of heat or thermal energy transferred. This new system utilizes enhanced technology to decrease cook times, thereby increasing your throughput.  Oil costs are reduced, and costly labor-intensive processes are eliminated. The only thing that will increase is your bottom line.

    Achieving production with under 30 lbs. of oil with automatic replenishment of fresh supply as needed is just one of the iconic break throughs. Utilizing a new seamless, deep drawn tank, TorQ’s reimagined Torrent Filtration system moves oil consistently in a path that filters out sediment while pumping through heating elements, back into the tank. The current continuously gathers sediment in a built in tray that is more than 75% smaller than filter drawer, while creating a higher speed, convection cooking environment.

    Not only are the mechanics of using this fryer designed to make the process easier but the new OASIS alert system displays helpful messages directly to the kitchen floor to remind the user of best practices. No more intensive training measures needed, this fryer has a built in assistant to help with user needs.

    TorQ features a newly designed driven 7” touchscreen controller that was created to mimic the same usability in devices used in the most modern phones, tablets, and computers on the market. It also utilizes Pitco’s SmartOil Sensor (SOS) to monitor oil quality. The SOS is the only sensor to measure oil quality in a contained and controlled environment with more than an isolated sample from the tank.

    This new system will be debuted at this year’s National Restaurant Association show in booth #4200 from May 19-22 in Chicago, Illinois.