TorQ™ is the industry’s first gas fryer that combines forced convection heating and continuous in-line filtration. Extend oil life and fry more, faster – without sacrificing the crispy quality of your food.

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Forced Convection Heating

Hot oil is forced through a cross-flow heat exchanger located on the back of the fryer, resulting in faster cook times and a more consistent cook.

  • Up to 10% reduction in cook times*
  • 60% lower flue temperatures*

*compared to standard fryers

Continuous In-Line Filtration

TorQ automatically filters oil anytime heat demand is called for, eliminating undesirable manual filtration and the downtime that goes with it.

  • 0 downtime with continuous filtration during cooking compared to 5-7 minutes for standard fryers
  • 1 minute for filter change compared to up to 30 minutes for standard fryers
  • 70% reduction in filter maintenance time compared to standard fryers
Signal IQ interface
SOS SmartOIL System interface
OneTouch interface

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Signal IQ
The only in-tank static sensor that optimizes static neutralization by automatically determining tank contents and preventing heating elements from firing if air is detected. Protect the life of your fryer and make your kitchen safer.

SmartOIL Sensor (SOS)
The SmartOILSensor is the most accurate oil sensor on the market that alerts kitchen staff right away when it’s time to change the oil, so you can maximize every drop.

Our intuitive touchscreen interface cuts down training time, simplifies recipe programming and allows you to easily manage cooking types, settings, and progress.

Open Kitchen®:
Connect to the cloud-based Open Kitchen app for equipment monitoring, food safety, and remote system-wide updates.

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