Consider some of the Pitco Principles.

We’re committed to innovation.

Pitco fryers deliver high quality foods because our fryers are built with high quality innovations. With greater potential for heat transfer and sensors that won’t let frozen foods impact oil temperatures, operators get the latest in industry technology.

We’re committed to maximizing labor.

Let’s face it. Finding and retaining employees is the biggest challenge we face in the foodservice industry. Our fryers include the largest drain lines in the industry, are easy to service, and allow for safe filtration so your staff can focus on more important issues than dirty oil. Add in the multi-linguistic Infinity Touch Controller, and you’ll see just how easy a Pitco fryer is to operate.

We do more than fry.

From pasta cookers to rethermalizers, floor models to counter tops, Pitco has an entire range of foodservice equipment that goes well beyond our famous fryers.

Why would you choose one brand of fryer over another?

That’s not really for us to say, as everyone has an individualized list of the things that are most important. What we can do, though, is tell you why you should always make Pitco a part of your decision-making process no matter what your ultimate outcome.

Fryers are certainly important, but what you’re really buying is much more. It’s the perfectly-cooked wing that makes your customer happy, even when her favorite team is losing late in the fourth quarter. It’s the line chef who doesn’t have to spend hours of his work week changing out frying oil before he should really need to. And it’s the operator realizing she can produce more chicken in a shorter period of time, pumping up the profits in the process.

From Pitco’s Solstice two-step filtering to our solid state burner controls that keep oil temperatures right where they’re supposed to be, our team is always at the forefront of innovation to help make your frying programs more efficient and more profitable.

Frying Excellence. Frying Efficiency.

Pitco offers a lineup of efficient and cost-saving fryers for every business model, with the most in-depth selection of fryers than any other brand.

Reduced Oil Volume – the top of the line in oil management, these fryers can save you thousands on the cost of oil and feature easy to use and train features with automatic filtration and touchscreen controls

Solstice & Solstice Supreme – taking efficiency to better levels, these fryers have better recovery and can save thousands on energy bills

Economy – For the customer with a tight budget, these fryers still pack a powerful punch with a quality and craftsmanship that will withstand years of consistent use

Energy Efficiency – each fryer category features ENERGY STAR® rated equipment that offers rebates in most locations across the country