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The Culinary Arts Behind Fried Food

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Whether you are here for Fryer 101 or you want some help mastering the consistency of your own fried creation, the Pitco culinary experts are here to help. We can help you understand the science behind deep frying foods in oil, how it will effect different ingredients and why, as well as help give you some operational advice on getting a consistent product batch after batch.

Some may call it a science, some may call it art, but we know it's a combination of the two. With fried food being popular across all cuisines, deep frying knows no borders and we want to make sure your imagination is the same. 

Get our tips and tricks on ingredients, operations, and more from the experts who know that Pitco will always deliver your masterpieces with quality and consistent frying performance.

Learn more about Pitco culinary experts! Each month we feature a new Pitco chef as they share their fried food adventures. Ready to talk to your local expert? 

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Meet Our Culinary Expert of the Month:

Chef Ron Rippley


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Sometimes when you talk to a professional chef for advice you never really know what you are going to get. A lot of it is based off of the specific experience they have and whether or not the have a true understanding of your type of operation. One thing we can assure you, is that you are in good hands chatting with Chef Ron Rippley about any operation in your restaurant, especially when it comes to fryers.

Ron has a very long list of culinary accomplishments that feature some of the biggest names in the industry. From managing the flagship at Morton's of Chicago, to becoming GM at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant in Las Vegas, Wolfgang Puck Café Denver, and a GM/Regional with the Borel Restaurant Group, Ron has amassed an incredible amount of foodservice knowledge. 

Chef Ron has been with The Jay Mark Group since his tenure at the Borel Restaurant Group. The Jay Mark Group covers areas in both Illinois and Indiana for Pitco. The Jay Mark Group has a state of the art location you can visit to get some hands on time with new equipment technology and spend some time with Ron to talk about your operation. 

Here are Chef Ron's Top Tips for Frying

  1. Filter. Filter oil often to maintain oil quality and increase oil life.

  2. Care for your frozen food. Keep frozen foods stored properly so they are completely frozen when you drop them in the fryer for the best quality.

  3. Set your temperature correctly. Not all fried food fries at the same temperature. Make sure you use the best setting for your products.

Culinary News and Trends from Pitco

Some people spend their careers perfecting a staple fried food menu while others will explore new ways to create deep fried treats. Check out some of the history of some of the most common fried dishes and see a few tips on some new menu items you may have tried or want to try. 

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Jalapeño Poppers

A History Behind the Famous Snack

The dish that has crossed cultural boundaries and popped up on menus everywhere, jalapeño poppers have won over hearts of fried food lovers. Learn about their rise to fame.


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A Look Back at 2020's Top Fried Food Trends

From the fried chicken sandwich wars to the protein alternatives, fried food held strong as the most popular option for diners. Long gone are the days of the beef burger reigning supreme, fried chicken has taken over.

Not only that but meatless fried foods are also on the rise. Check out the top ordered menu items of the year.


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Want to Know How to Make Candy Taste Better? Deep Fry It!

Don't let the enjoyment of your favorite candy be limited by the way they are manufactured. Explore a whole new level of taste and texture by introducing it to a deep fryer.

Check out how the Easter Bunny used a Pitco fryer this year in the latest culinary.


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The Science Behind Blanching French Fries

The key to a great french fry is a crisp exterior with a properly cooked interior. Sear the outside properly so the steam can continue to cook the potato inside.

It's not a one step process, but it is a labor of love for the best fries.


Pitco's Frying Guru: Joe McAuley

When it comes to fryers, Joe McAuley is our resident expert. He's traveled all over the globe and has worked in just about every department in our company. When you're ready to dig deep into both fried foods and the equipment that makes them, pull up a seat and listen to Joe as he shares his wisdom in Fryerside Chats with Joe McAuley.

Watch here as he discusses fries from around the world and learn more in his video series.

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Fried Food of the Month Feature

We love fried food and want to share our love by highlighting some favorites. Each month we'll share a new great menu item that's been on our minds. This month, check out Dan as he deep fries some delicious lobster tacos! 

Pitco Frypalooza with Chef Dan



For all your fried food needs, there's a Pitco fryer for you. We offer a full range of fryers in different makes and models to handle whatever frying capacity you need to handle. From the new entrepreneur exploring a few fried food options, to the powerhouse operations that need to pump out food to meet heavy demand, Pitco has you covered.