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Electric or gas? It's a question often faced by foodservice operators when upgrading their commercial kitchen's cooking equipment. Facing a rise in your operational or utility costs? Restricted by a municipality's gas-powered equipment requirements? Or looking to expand your offerings of fried food without expanding your restaurant's footprint? Electric cooking equipment like electric fryers from Pitco can be an invaluable solution for your foodservice operation.

Browse our electric cooking equipment resources below, read up on the latest news on electric cooking and energy-efficiency, discover the latest electric solutions from Pitco.

Benefits of Electric Cooking Equipment



Electric Foodservice Equipment News and Trends from Pitco

What are the basics of electric fryers and how do they compare to their gas counterpart? Will the carbon neutrality trend affect foodservice operations going forward? Read the latest on electric fryer news, tips, and equipment solutions designed to increase your energy savings by reducing your utility costs.

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Electric Fryers

Keep Your Kitchens Eco-Friendly with Pitco Electric Fryers

Pitco is a leader in electric foodservice equipment. Pitco fryers are dedicated to keeping kitchens eco-friendly through innovation and advanced technology.

There are many ways Pitco can help your kitchen be more environmentally-friendly, including going ventless and investing in the right electric equipment.


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Fryer Recovery Times

Why Fryer Recovery Times are Important

Fryers may be one of the most efficient methods for cooking when it comes to the foodservice industry. They're easy to use, quick to cook with, and leave you without a huge mess to clean up afterward. You may not be aware, but all fryers need what we call a recovery time to function properly.



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Natural Gas Ban

What is the Natural Gas Ban?

Creating an eco-friendly foodservice operation has never been more of a priority than the present for operators. There are plenty of benefits to reducing one's carbon footprint in foodservice, but in some cases, operations may not have a choice.

Natural gas bans are in effect, or going in effect, in major cities across the United States, and restaurants, cafeterias, and other foodservice establishments need to adapt.



Joe McCauley on How to Choose the Right Fryer

Gas or electric, the type of fryer you use matters. Hear from Pitco's Joe McAuley in one of his Fryerside Chats with Joe to learn more.

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How Do I Create an Eco-Friendly Kitchen?

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Electric Equipment Guide LPEnergy costs are one of the biggest sources of frustration for foodservice operations. With a number of innovative and energy-efficient cooking solutions from Pitco and its family of brands, it's easy to start saving, and in turn, running a more profitable business.

Download the Electric Food Equipment Guide

From electric fryers to pasta cookers and rethermalizers, the Electric Food Equipment Guide from Pitco is your resource to becoming more energy-efficient. Click here to read the guide and learn more.




Finding the right electric fryer for your foodservice operation doesn't have to be complicated. Whether you're looking to reduce utility costs, save on energy, or limited by space requirements, we have the fryers to get the job done for your foodservice operation.