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Pitco offers a wide range of controls for all their products. For fryers controls range from a simple Millivolt Control all the way up to the Infinity Touch™ Touchscreen Control.

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Infinity Touch

Touchscreen Controls

Easy to Use, Easy to Train

Part of Pitco’s Integrated Oil Management system the Infinity Touch™ control is a clear value add on to your fryers. This control keeps track of operations and gathers data that you can use to manage operations better to save you money.

Programs & Functions

  • Number of cooks, filter soon warning, number of overrides, deferrals to lockout
  • Filter time cycles (draining, refilling), Oil Polish duration
  • JIB Mechanism and Indicator
    • JIB timer warns the operator when oil is below 20%
  • Filter Data Functions
    • Records data for the current batch of oil
      as well as the 2 previous batches
    • Number of polishes
    • Oil hours in use
  • Language Support
  • Recipe Storage - easy recipe creation and expanded storage space


  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Increase safety for operators who directly handle fresh/waste oil
  • Reduces carbon footprint: less processed oil from first fill
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Fewer deliveries or waste pickups
  • Better for the workplace
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The Pitco 12-Button control gives you all the same great functionality of the Infinity Touch™ control.* This control can store up to 12 unique recipes and has the capability to:

  • Enable all data tracking information just like the touchscreen
  • Connect to automated filtration systems
  • Keeps operations simple

*The most recent version of this control is comparable to the touchscreen control. Older versions may have lesser functionality - check with your local sales or service agent if you are unsure.

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A Step Above the Manual Processes

This control keeps functions out from inside the cabinets of the fryers.

  • Greater temperature control - plus or minus 1˚F reactivity from set temperature
  • Better recovery, increased production from Millivolt and Solid State
  • Features a Melt Cycle
  • Boil Out 
  • Countdown timer with alarm
  • Cook time and temperature setting
  • Ease of use "touch on/touch off" - 2 product buttons
  • Solid State Control can be added as a backup


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Solid State Control

The Manual Upgrade

This control located in the fryer cabinet expands capabilities from the Millivolt Control

  • Greater temperature control - plus or minus 1˚F reactivity from set temperature
  • Better recovery, increased production
  • Melt Cycle
  • Boil Out
  • This control can be installed as a back up for the Digital or 12-Button Control
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Starting with the Basics

The Millivolt Control is the most basic option Pitco has for its fryers. It includes a manual pilot ignition and no power is required for operation.


With the widespread use of smart phones and devices it is much easier to train employees with touchscreen controls with user friendly graphic interfaces. Explore the Infinity Touch™ control and the additional aspects of Integrated Oil Management.

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