Convenience Stores

C-stores are some of the most successful types of foodservice operations in the industry.
With Pitco fryers, they can be even more profitable.

Frying Solutions for C-Stores

According to the National Association of Convenience Stores, more than half of all Americans make purchases from a c-store each and every day. Over time, this translates to more than a decade and a half of sustained growth for c-store sales. But why? Simply put, c-stores have evolved.

C-Stores are serving a wider range of foods and beverages to provide more convenience to guests. As consumer tastes change, so, too, have the offerings available in c-stores.


With menu diversity comes an expanded customer base. By offering more types of products, c-stores have figured an easier path to profits.

What c-stores have essentially done is reinvent the entire c-store market segment. Instead of just being a place to gas up and grab a pack of gum, convenience stores are now places to by meals, medicines, a gallon of milk, and more.

All of these factors -- menu diversity, more customers, concept reinvention -- they all amount to the same thing. Higher profit potential. Foodservice equipment plays a huge role in making this happen.

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C-stores are innovative because they adapt to consumer demands. More and more, the inside of a convenience store looks like the inside of a quick serve restaurant, and that requires QSR-type equipment. Fryers can enhance the type of menu offerings served in c-stores, from donuts to French fries to fried chicken. With a Pitco fryer, a c-store can pull consumers in from the gas pump who might normally make an additional stop for food.