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Roughly 25% of plates that leave a restaurant's kitchen have French fries. Think about that. 1 out of every 4 dishes in many foodservice operations include America's favorite side. We the know the importance of a perfect fry.

When it comes to the best French fries, the jury is still out. It seems everyone has a different preference - from the restaurant who makes them to the style of fry they serve. Do they like them straight or curly? Thin or thick? Seasoned or not? Waffle or tot? What we can all agree on, however, is that the deep fryer used to make our favorite fries matters. And it matters A LOT.

Here at Pitco, we've been around long enough to know what goes into ensuring your customers grab the perfect French fry each time they reach into their bag or on their plate. The ideal fryer for French fries optimizes quality, consistency, crispiness, and flavor. So when it comes time to choose a fryer for the perfect French fry - it starts and ends with Pitco.

Read below for tips on frying, the latest French fry trends, and equipment solutions to make your fries, the best fries.

How to Make the Perfect French Fries



French Fry News and Trends from Pitco

French fries and chips are the perfect pairing with a juicy hamburger, savory sandwich, or crispy fish. They even stand out as a solo act. But how to do you ensure the ultimate side dishes are prepared and fried consistently for your customers? Read the latest French fry trends, tips, and equipment solutions geared to increase your commercial kitchen's output and profitability.

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French Fries

The Keys to the Perfect Hand-Cut Fries

While the popularity of French fries has not seen much change in recent times, what has changed is the manner of the preparation. Hand-cut French fries that are made on the spot began as an innovation that caught footing in the fast-casual world, but increasingly, restaurants and other foodservice operations have begun to take up the practice.


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French Fries

A Brief History of Fries as the Ultimate Side

"Would you like fries with that?"

In the United States, this has become a common punchline to express our love for the quintessential side dish.

When dining out and ordering a sandwich, whether from a Michelin star establishment, a fast food chain or a humble mom-and-pop lunch counter, the side of fries has become ubiquitous. But how did this (admittedly pedestrian) preparation of the modest potato come to such prominence?


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French Fries

A Quick Primer on the Variations of French Fries

It’s safe to say that potatoes are one of the most popular foods in the United States. From potato salad to potato skins, there’s a whole range of styles and applications to consider, but there’s one in particular that reigns supreme.

The French fry. And there are two basic ways in which fries are differentiated and classified. The first is the shape and how they're cut. 


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French Fries

Try Blanching for the Perfect French Fry

You probably feel passionate about your favorite fry type, be it curly, waffle, crinkle-cut, or wedged. Maybe you find a bite of perfection when you dip a fry in your chocolate shake, a tub of ketchup, or even a bit of mayonnaise. Though there are a lot of preferences in the wide world of French fry options, one thing can't be debated: the importance of the perfect preparation method.


Joe McCauley on Blanching French Fries

When it comes to french fry preparation, blanching fries is a popular practice in restaurants. Watch Pitco's Joe McAuley in one of his Fryerside Chats with Joe to learn more about the benefits of blanching and how to tell when a french fry has been blanched.

Fryerside Chats with Joe Blanching Fries


Styles of French Fries

French fries come in many shapes and sizes. The style of french fry you choose to serve in your foodservice operation can depend on several factors, including your menu design or available cutting equipment if you make them from scratch. See a few of our favorite french fry styles below!

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The perfect fryer for french fries exists, and at Pitco, we're confident that the best fries come out of a Pitco fryer. From fast-casual chains or restaurants looking to step up their sides with better quality and more french fry variations, there is a Pitco fryer designed to fit your operation's french fry needs.